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Biotech analyst

Biotech analyst

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Publicado em 03/10/2018

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The Biotech Analyst 1 is responsible for performing routine analytical testing/developing new tests of pharmaceutical products in accordance with client work order instructions and laboratory quality guidelines and procedures in Life Science Services Biotech Department. Possuir disponibilidade para residir em : Canadá, Ontario, Mississauga.

Qualificação: Qualificação:

Minimum of 1 year of relevant laboratory work experience required. Specific technical skills: Knowledge of techniques in a biotechnology discipline, e.g. ELISA, DNA isolation, restriction enzyme digestions, PCR, protein expression/purification, SDS-PAGE/western blot, cell culture, bacteria culture. Ability to perform routine bench and instrumental analysis Ability to understand assay methods. A willingness to learn new analytical tests, instrumentation and procedures. Experience in computer programs e.g. Excel and Word.

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Formação: Formação

BSc. or Diploma in Biology-related fields or equivalent experience or training.

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São Paulo / SP - 1 vaga

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Serviços de inspeção e certificação de qualidade.

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