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Chemist mining site

Chemist mining site

Confidencial | São Paulo/SP - 1 vaga

Publicado em 14/09/2018

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Descrição: Descrição:

Respect the follow-up of the analytical plan and manage the contradiction between the speed of results and the need to make a result safe; and inform the laboratory director about analytical drift. Possuir disponibilidade para residir em : Canadá, Quebec, La Corne.

Qualificação: Qualificação:

Be comfortable with automated analysis systems (ICP-OES, AAS, etc.) and be able to diagnose these devices. Excellent knowledge of computer systems (Word, Excel, Outlook and LIMS). Innovative, analytical, easy to communicate and follow-up, good leadership. Ability to manage priorities and coordinate multiple projects. Team spirit and good interpersonal skills. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

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Formação: Formação

University degree.

Local de Trabalho: Local de Trabalho:

São Paulo / SP - 1 vaga

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Serviços de inspeção e certificação de qualidade.

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A Combinar

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