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General chemistry team leader

General chemistry team leader

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Publicado em 27/09/2018

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Be able to both perform and supervise instrumental analyses in the lab using a variety of types of software. Be able to monitor and judge from throughout the lab. Possuir disponibilidade para residir em : Estados Unidos, Florida, Orlando.

Qualificação: Qualificação:

The ability to separate emotional feelings from the real issues at hand. The ability to legitimately and objectively challenge the substance of our beliefs and biases of our observations. The ability to meet commitments made to yourself and others, keeping the promises you make, and acknowledging and accepting the choices you have made, the actions you have taken, and the results they have led to. The ability to write and speak effectively using appropriate convention based on the situation; actively listens to others, asks questions to verify understanding, and uses tact and consideration when delivering feedback to others.

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Formação: Formação

Bachelor's degree (B. S.) in Chemistry, Environmental Science, or a related field from four-year college or university.

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São Paulo / SP - 1 vaga

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Exclusivo para Assinantes

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Serviços de inspeção e certificação de qualidade.

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