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Innovation Manager ll

Innovation Manager ll

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Publicado em 09/01/2018

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The Innovation Manager will be responsible for identifying and evaluating unique advanced technology for potential collaboration with Samsung R&D teams. He / she will be expected to leverage his / her network within the VC, startup, and university community to identify these sources of innovative technologies. These technologies should be commercial grade in the next 3-5 years, and create uniqueness to Samsung’s product lineup. Collaboration partners can include universities and leading professors, research institutes, startups and spinout companies. The technologies typically are unique hardware or components, materials, or core algorithms. The team does not cover software and services. The Innovation Manager will also collaborate across internal Samsung groups to identify and evaluate external sources. The Innovation Manager shall also at times support SRUK’s own R&D collaboration with European technology innovators. Possuir disponibilidade para residir em

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Have experience as innovation manager ll.

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Complete higher education.

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Manaus / AM - 1 vaga

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Informática/ Tecnologia

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Instituto de pesquisa desenvolvimento e tecnologia.

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