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Laboratory technician

Laboratory technician

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Publicado em 03/10/2018

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Descrição: Descrição:

This position will carry out Fire Assay techniques, Wet Lab Techniques, and Sample Prep Techniques following written work instructions to determine various mineral and metal concentrations. Possuir disponibilidade para residir em : Estados Unidos, South Carolina, Kershaw.

Qualificação: Qualificação:

Must be able to read, understand and follow work instructions in a safe, accurate and timely manner. Candidates must be proficient in using various type of computer software (Word, Excel, CCLAS, Oracle, etc.). Candidates must demonstrate verbal and written communication skills. The incumbent must have time management skills and strong attention to detail Work well under pressure Ability to manage and co-ordinate multiple projects in fast-paced, highly professional environment. Extended hours and shift work may be required Good hand/eye coordination when handling samples & lab equipment. Ability to work well with others & independently.

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Formação: Formação

High school diploma (or equivalent) is required.

Local de Trabalho: Local de Trabalho:

São Paulo / SP - 1 vaga

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Serviços de inspeção e certificação de qualidade.

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