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Teaching assistant

Teaching assistant

SABIS International School | São Paulo/SP - 1 vaga

Publicado em 17/06/2021

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Descrição: Descrição:

Keep a record of children’s attendance and deliver attendance form to the office, make class displays, games and visual materials following the teacher’s direction; written or drawn bulletin boards that correspond with topics and class work, put up / take down displays, reinforce class/school rules and behavior, file notes into children’s reading folders and check folders every morning for notes, keep all shelves tidy and wipe clean once a month; overall tidiness and cleanliness of the classroom, support class teacher during the lesson by keeping children focused and attentive, assist teacher with correcting of children’s work, listen to children read their word cards, preparation for activities and cleaning up when work is finished. Clean up after art lesson as well as prepare equipment for such lessons, prepare and clean up after snack. Wipe tables, wash cups and plates, assist with lunch get food from counter, supervise children while eating and cleaning up, supervise toilet and hygiene: remind them to flush toilet, wash their face and hands, etc. If the children have an ‘accident’, the assistant will help the child change their clothing, supervise outdoor play, supervise nap or quiet time: children are to be quiet and resting if they are not sleeping, accompany students to the kindergarten in the morning and assist with morning care supervision.

Qualificação: Qualificação:

English proficient.

Idiomas: Idiomas:


Formação: Formação

Bachelor degree in a related subject matter and/or equivalent.

Local de Trabalho: Local de Trabalho:

São Paulo / SP - 1 vaga

Dados da Empresa

Nome: Nome:

SABIS International School

Ramo: Ramo:

Educação/ Treinamento/ Idiomas

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Atua com educação.

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